12 February 2010

Janice (Set) TEASER

2.10ND010xxa Janice TEASER

Okay. This is a shameless teaser to get you pumped for a large set of Kodachrome slides-

Janice was Vicky's older sister, and of course, with most first-born children, they get most of the pub.

Our artsy mom photographer that took those awesome pictures of Vicky, and the other cool pictures in the Long Beach Set, documented Janice's adolescence and subsequent marriage.

I'm not going to give it away, but let's just say it'll be worth your while to view these. I'll be uploading some everyday for the next week.
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Christine H. said...

I can hardly wait!

Hillbilly said...

haha. it's going to be fun. i hope it's not just me that finds these so fascinating.

I'm going to post several choice slides here, and the link to the set. all 50 or so will show-up in the 2 flickr widgets in the sidebar, too. :)

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