23 March 2010

Sven Birkerts, “Walter Benjamin, Flâneur: A Flanerie”



“Benjamin’s flâneur is a response to a world in which sense is disjected, scattered, crystallized in detail. The flâneur is the collector and connoisseur of detail. He is a sensibility as opposed to an intelligence. His highest aspiration is to become a medium, a precipitate in which the scattered particles of sense can reconstitute themselves. The original whole… has been shattered, by time, by history, by the hubris of progress; the flâneur, by drawing together bits and pieces from the rubble, can discover its echo. The flâneur is, thus, dedicated to the surveying of space, for it is only in space, in the network of layered particulars, that the successive images of time are concretized. Space exists to take the print of time.”

Sven Birkerts, “Walter Benjamin, Flâneur: A Flanerie”

Image: An Untrained Eye[CC]

I try never to comment on Benjamin.
Sven Birkerts, “Walter Benjamin, Flâneur: A Flanerie”SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend


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