02 March 2010

The end of an era. [Janice] 1960s Vintage Kodachrome Slides

11.09ND.010  The end of an era.

Okay, it's hard to believe that we've come to the end of Janice's adolescence.

I'm wondering now if Janice or Janice's mom had an evil streak- Convincing Bob to go to the dance/party in a cheerleader's skirt. The joy of it is that we will never know. To be fair to the ladies, maybe it was Bob's

More Janice in her next life in about a week.The record sort-of falls apart from here, but there is some good stuff to share. No more top of the line Kodachrome and artsy composition. :( I'll probably post a couple of teasers to keep you from giving-up.

This group of slides were taken between about 1957 and 1963. Janice turned 17 in 1959.

Janice was Vicky's older sister, and of course, with most first-born children, they get most of the pub.

Janice's artsy mom photographer that took those awesome pictures of Vicky, and the other cool pictures in the Long Beach Set, documented Janice's adolescence and subsequent marriage.
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bijou living said...

Loving the clock and the Keds!

Christine H. said...

I kinda think it might have been Bob's idea.

*hbxx* said...

BL: yeah, and those filthy Jack Purcells!

Christine: Now, I wasn't going to say anything... But since you brought it up, erm... he seems oddly at ease here, doesn't he?

Special EXCLUSIVE to my beloved blogspot readers:

Will it come as a surprise when I let it slip a few days early that OF COURSE Bob and Janice DID NOT marry.

He vanishes from the record abruptly- The next thing you see another schlumpf taking his place at the altar. No dating pictures, no casual pics with the family, nothing- Straight to the wedding.

Looks to me like time had been wasted, and Janice, and perhaps mom, decided to pull the trigger!

*hbxx* said...


Now of course that's a very sexist view of things by today's standards, but my mom is a few years older than Vicky, and got married in the mid-fifties, so some of this seems common for that time period.

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