16 March 2010

1950s Kodachrome Stereo Slide

1950s Kodachrome Stereo Slide
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Christine H. said...

A person can't look at that too long, but it's pretty fun!

Christine H. said...

Oh, by the way, I have passed on the Sunshine award to your blog. You can see details on today's post on my blog.

*hbxx* said...

oh, goodness. THANK YOU. (and for the kind words, too. :)

Animating stereo slides is something that I've seen on the internets for some time, and really the only way to approximate the look one might see through a stereo viewer- Ingenious, I guess, but a little hard on the eyes as you point out. I had never found any stereo transparencies before now, and had to take a crash Google course on how to animate them. Fun!

Thanks again.

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