01 March 2009

They Shoot Those Horses And So Did Bob Willoughby

Susannah York, as Alice in They Shoot Horses Don't They

Photograph © by Bob Willoughby

Bob Willoughby's Flickr VISIT HERE 250+ prints uploaded in January.

**Unpublished or archival prints that Bob is selling... A ton of movie set journalism, but also a wide range of stuff from his books, and other subjects that have not been shown in galleries. WOW. I wish I had €1500 so I could buy just one print.

Bob is 80 this year and wanted to get all of his prints out now. He quit printing some time ago.

Okay, jackpot. I found Bob Willoughby's Flickr after watching TSHDT last night. So, Double-Jackpot, I guess.

I saw this film 30 years ago as a young teenager, and not surprisingly, I was impacted quite differently. No less, just differently.
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Anne said...

yesyes, quite a film!

(it's also one of Maja's faves)

Hillbilly said...

hm. it's interesting to go back and watch after so long.

T'was much more visceral then, and a bit more critical the second time.

Yay Maja!

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