06 March 2009

Spem Successus Aelit. [yes it does.]

Okay. Put sunglasses, deduct 30YEARS, add a lot more hair, and some earbuds on this dude, and you will envision what I was desperately trying NOT to look like when I arrived at my new Flea Market friend Floyd's house, (stunned), and had boxes and albums strewn about, containing hundreds of pictures, some of what you see below. I am not surprised, just a bit in shock, because it's been several years and several hundred miles away that this sort of thing was a part of my life. My Flickr is going to get a workout, indeed.

Oh. Cursory inspection and gloating once I arrived home yielded from the bottom of the pile this little gem of a snapshot of some Ye Aulde Heraldic Language. I couldn't have phrased it better my ownself.
Spem Successus Aelit. [yes it does.]SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend


maudkristina said...

and I love that shot.

Hillbilly said...

:) me too.

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