19 March 2009


Here's how I spent the better part of 24 hours yesterday:
(I took this picture to blog intentionally, but NOT the others.)

0200AM: To 7-11 for a sugar-fix

0210AM: Driving home, stopped by a white furry blob in the middle of the street. I stop, obviously, to investigate.

0210AM to 0400PM:

What I find:

Cloudy eyes, indicating that she is much older than she looks Add to that, a "Cherry Eye" (congential), it's not very pretty.

Serious respiratory infection. Coughing-hacking, choking on sputum. Probably Kennel Cough.

Dirty, malnourished, and a mental wreck due to obvious abuse. Cowering, etc at the prospect of being touched or petted.

---Deleted---- [driving to the SPCA]

---Deleted----[wandering around the SPCA with a struggling Poodle in a towel]

---Deleted---- [I am assured that the dog will see one of the two vets on duty right away]

0315: Okay sir, to get back to your car and make sure you get out of the security gate, all that you have to do, is go through those double doors and walk all of the way to the other end, where you will find the front office, and they will get you out of the security gate. kthxbye, bye.

Beyond the double doors:

Of the "Adoptable" animals, I was surprised, but not shocked that about a full 2/3 were American Pitbull, or Pitbull mix. Another big NON-shocker: Almost all were confiscations by the police, or voluntarily surrendered by owners.

I asked one of the women in the office if this was the case normally, and she said "Oh yes honey, but these are just the Pitbulls who are socialized and safe enough to have adopted." That one's still ringing in my ears.

The above were two Puppies. One was an American Bulldog, (8mos), and on the right, a 5 mo. old American Pitbull. They were the only ones with enough energy and spirit to make eye contact, jump, and beg for attention through the bars. <3-break.

The rest were just like all other dogs I remember from my trips to the shelter, humane society, or pound. Dogs are physically and emotionally resilient. Even the ones who have endured unimaginable abuse and hardship become loving, loyal, and lead productive lives. That's if they get the chance.

I don't know about you, but it was a tough day for me. Even though I have been through it, in numerous variations. It sucks, no matter how many times you have done it.

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Michelle said...

Was the little white dog taken to a shelter? I've been watching the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan, and feel more confident now to care for pit bulls. They just need lots of exercise and a leader to remain calm. It is real heartache going to a shelter, I hate dog breeders, and I don't 'hate' many things.

Hillbilly said...

yes. she was the sole reason for going. She was going to require a couple thousand dollars worth of medical care to start-off, and I am not allowed to have dogs any way. the SPCA is a great alternative to pounds, humane societies that automatically kill-off their dogs according to some arbitrary # of days etc.

They will be able to make her comfortable physically, and emotionally. They will make the right decision for the dog according to its health and well-being.

I fell in love with those two puppies, and would have brought them home if I could have. In fact, if I had the spread and the resources, I would take in Problem Pitbulls and work with them.

Hillbilly said...

I see now how cryptic that seemed or was, after I deleted a whole bunch of stuff. I apologize.

Anne said...

Dear Hillbilly, the fluffy little poodle is very lucky that you came along and knew where to take it for health care and shelter!

...beyond the double doors sounds and looks like real heartache. Christ almighty, I want the world and it's people to be nicer to EVERY creature, I really do!

Hillbilly said...

Me too. *sigh* Thanks.

maudkristina said...

You did the right thing, Jim.
Here's to a kinder world, on all levels.

I am all tearful now - for way too many reasons.

take care,

Hillbilly said...

Sorry guys. I wish it weren't always such a Bummer around here. Thanks for the solidarity and whatnots.

Let's trudge onward, to better things. (Some balance, anyway).


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