02 March 2009

Do You Still Not Understand? Really?

Obama releases secret Bush anti-terror memos

By DEVLIN BARRETT and MATT APUZZO, Associated Press Writers Devlin Barrett And Matt Apuzzo, Associated Press Writers

WASHINGTON – The Obama administration threw open the curtain on years of Bush-era secrets Monday, revealing anti-terror memos that claimed exceptional search-and-seizure powers and divulging that the CIA destroyed nearly 100 videotapes of interrogations and other treatment of terror suspects. [Whoops! before today, Bush claimed that only 2 tapes were destroyed]

The Justice Department released nine legal opinions showing that, following the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, the Bush administration determined that certain constitutional rights would not apply during the coming fight. Within two weeks, government lawyers were already discussing ways to wiretap U.S. conversations without warrants.(...)

Careful reading of these memos include justification for the military "Super-Police Forces" and military "strikes" within the United States, the effective suspension of the 1st and the 4th amendments, and the brutal torture and indefinite detention of any person in this country.

The long and the short of it, is that now that we have more of John Yoo's memos, we find that he basically wrote rules that gave Bush permission to do anything he chose to do, extra-constitutionally. And that's just the memos that have been released.
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