20 February 2009

Three Cups Of Tea: Greg Mortenson's Simple Lesson For Everyone

Torghu Balla Schoolgirls, Paskistan (Image courtesy of Central Asia Institute)

I read this book a year ago at the urging of my mother. There are many things that humble me and cause my jaw to drop everyday, but I think Greg Mortenson's story stays very near the top.  You will thank yourself if you give this dude a few minutes of your time.

So my Mum attends a lecture by Greg Mortenson about a week ago, where among other profundities, Sahib Greg said that top military and State Department officials have been seeking his help after reading Three Cups Of Tea:  One Man's Mission To Promote Peace...  One School At a time. In addition, he has been receiving emails from CENTCOMM Commander General Dave Petraeus. DUH. How do you improve people's lives while at the same time counteracting the poverty and ignorance that feeds extremism and violence? Why, build schools in the hinterlands of Pakistan and Afghanistan, of course.  Special emphasis on education for girls.


Greg Mortenson (born December 27, 1957) is a humanitarian, international peace-maker, and former mountaineer from Bozeman, Montana. Mortenson is the co-founder (with Dr. Jean Hoerni) and director of the non-profit Central Asia Institute, and founder of the educational charity, Pennies For Peace. He is the protagonist and co-author of the # 1 New York Times bestseller, Three Cups of Tea: One Man's Mission To Promote Peace... One School At A Time.

(...) In 1993, to honor his deceased sister's memory, Mortenson went to climb K2, the world's second highest mountain, in the Karakoram range of northern Pakistan. After more than 70 days on the mountain, Mortenson and three other climbers completed a life-saving rescue of a fifth climber that took more than 75 hours. The time and energy devoted to this rescue prevented him from attempting to reach the summit. After the rescue, he began his descent of the mountain and became weak and exhausted. One local Balti porter took Mortenson to the nearest city, but he took a wrong turn along the way and ended up in Korphe, a small village, where he recovered...  (via Wikipedia)

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