06 February 2009

Please Respond To My Enquiries, Thank You

"One Thousand Postcards is a short radio piece by René Gutel, about how her father, a bus driver, finding his job sometimes dull, decided to write her a postcard every day while she was away at college. I like the fact that after a while the whole campus became fascinated by the postcards, and she found herself having to read that day's instalment to student after envious student. Funny and sweet."

Ah. A father's love.  Suck-It,  Post Secret.--That is all.

via: Fed By Birds, thanks to Legacy Matters --(Beware of the ulterior motive of this last one as well).

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maudkristina said...

Fantastic - and in a whole other way all too scarily familiar.

And yes, some more ginger would be nice.

Hillbilly said...

Ahhhgh! The dreaded "P.C. Suicide"... Oh noooo

I am very relieved that I don't think that this is a well-meaning, deliberate Meme that begins to gnaw on its own tail in the end. Thank goodness.

Hillbilly said...

That is an utterly dreadful sentence. Sorry.

maudkristina said...


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