04 July 2008

Not At My House

It's a very quiet, dark day today at my house.
What am I doing today to celebrate the Fourth of July? I'll tell you what I'm NOT doing.

There will be no cookout, no random burned grilled Pork parts, no vacant stares, no being loudmouthed about sports or Oprah, no television, no drinking cheap beer until falling down in the front yard pissing myself after insulting the neighbor's missus. Finally, there be no trip over to the hill, or the meadow, or the bridge to lie on a blanket with the girlfriend, Missus, SO, or friend, to maybe cop a feel in the fiery glow of a $125,000 pyrotechnic display. (or 99cent sparklers, or Cherry Bombs, or M-80's to blow my face off... Okay I'll stop.)

I'll be reading.

The Declaration Of Independence.
The Bill Of Rights
The Geneva Conventions
Iraq Casualties
Iraq Body Count
Seymour Hersh (Mr. Hersh is not a crackpot, and even right-wingnuts are believers too. I have been a believer for over a year.)

Oh shit, I almost forgot: The Constitution Of The United States.
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