03 July 2008

I know we have some serious Photoshop, Corel Draw, and Illustrator geniuses who pop in and out of here from time to time... You can see I'm a novice, not even up on training wheels. I can make a photograph look the way I want it in PS, (having learned by trial and error, I still can't explain it), and that's it. Anyone have any experience with open source editors like Gimp, ( perfect, 'aint it?), or Inkscape?
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Anne said...

Hm, don't know those programmes at all.
Am still kind of struggling with making shapes in Illustrator :)
In general I prefer to do as much as I can by hand and hardcopy, and just use the computer for clean ups, pasting stuff together and for some typographic help.

Hillbilly said...

Yep. Well, I'm old school, but I think the nicest stuff I see these days is stuff that is freehand, or analog based. I'm having a really hard time warming-up to some of the digital art I see over yonder. (some)

Anne said...

Yes, think we might have gone to the same school then :)

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