01 July 2008

And Then Again, Maybe I Won't

Lauren Greenfield (Image by Lara Jo Regan)

Well, after ruminating about this all day, (surprise, surprise) , I went back and looked at this image, (and let's save the Sontag/Leibovitz discussion for another time), and by chance alone, about This poor child. Of course, I was going to impulsively Go-Off on a rant, but I didn't. I decided that my sanity is dearer to me now than ever before, and that having my head explode, well then, I just decided to go and learn more about what Annie, (I fear), and all of these other idiots are missing, here. End of Rant, Not-supposed-To-Be.

PostScript-I-Can't-Help-Myself: Is it really possible that Annie's vision was a clever feminist statement that was "misinterpreted?" (I have just looked at the numbers put up by Vanity Fair, and can you really hurt a Hannah Montana that's worth $1Billion in t-shirts and backpacks alone?) Help an old man out.
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Anne said...

Dear Hillbilly, I know the discussion focuses on a slightly different subject but...did you see Heidi Fleiss and her Parrots?!

Hillbilly said...

Dear, um.. Anne,
Yes, thank you for helping me break that torturous train of thought. I was lost for sure. Isn't she something? but,*sigh*, she's another casualty too, if ya' think about it.
Sorry I'm such a bummer today. :)

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