28 March 2008

I Apologize, Uh, " I Profoundly Regret"

Florida’s legislature voted Wednesday to “Profoundly Regret” it’s participation in, and state sponsorship of slavery. Like most in the handful of other states to express similar sentiment, (five states, including Alabama, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina and Virginia), Florida stopped short of using the word Apology.
Florida has already taken the step of paying reparations to victims of the “Rosewood Massacre”. (In 1994, $2.1 million was paid to survivors of a racially motivated attack on the North Florida town in 1923). so, like their state counterparts, these boneheads didn't want the inconvenience of having the word Apology being construed as a commitment to further reparations. To a state, the few miserable legislatures to stand up and publicly denounce the state sponsorship of slavery, could not bring themselves to issue, and codify into law, an Apology. Why bother?
I Apologize, Uh, " I Profoundly Regret"
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