13 March 2008

Hill O' Beans

I was trolling around Last.Fm today, and I ran across two songs by the band Hill of Beans. I was initially shocked, but then pleased to hear "Satan, lend me a Dollar", followed by "The Shit has hit the fan". The latter, obviously an anti-war/Bush song, was right up my alley. Upon further reading, however, I discovered that Hill of Beans formed in 1988, and lasted only until around 1992. Imagine that, mistaking one Bush war for another. Other new favorites wot that I found: Mary Gauthier, and Hound Dog Taylor. The latter it seems, was Keith Richards' speech coach. It's rich. Now should you linger here long enough, pondering my deep, insightful, (and most of all), well written prose, you will hear more of my favorite new songs and artists. (Save yourself the heartache, and skip on over to the above link.)

UPDATE: To listen to a wild environmental protest song recorded by Hill of Beans long before "Green" was fashionable, see Turpentine.

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