11 March 2008

From Beatles to Blind Lemon...

This here was the last, real record I think I ever bought. It's Paramount #12307, Blind Lemon Jefferson's Dark Horse Blues,1926. It was in a pile of pre-war blues 78s I found in the west end of Louisville. The cat was in his 70's, and they had been handed down to him by his mother, along with a Victrola. As a collector of 78s, (and many other types of junk), this pile was really a once in a lifetime find. The rarest record, easily, was a Black Patti #8052, by Rabbit's Foot Williams, (Jaybird Coleman), 1927.
My very first record was Hey Jude,by the Beatles, the very first record pressed on the Apple label. The B-side was Revolution. The song, Hey Jude, (originally Hey Jules), had been written by Sir Paul to assuage the grief of young Julian Lennon, over the divorce of his parents, Apparently, this was why Revolution got pushed to the B-side. I dug Revolution more, and took it to school to play during nap/quiet time. This didn't sit too well. It was 1968, and I was 8 years old.
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