29 May 2010

Pictures of the Day: Louisville Downtown


Belle of Louisville, Ilford Delta 100 in Ilfosol 3

MooringMooring, Ilford Delta 100 in Ilfosol 3

Hard-Rock-2 Hard Rock Guitar, Tmax 100 in Tmax

Live Live, Tmax 100 in Tmax

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Technical information: Photos shot with Yahshica 635 TLR camera and 80mm Yashikor lens; film and developers noted under each picture. Film is 6x6 cm “medium format.”

For a subject to be strong enough to be worth photographing, the relationship of its forms must be rigorously established. Composition starts when you situate your camera in space in relation to the object. For me, photography is the exploration in reality of the rhythm of surfaces, lines, or values; the eye carves out its subject, and the camera has only to do its work. That work is simply to print the eye’s decision on film.  - Henri Cartier-Bresson - on composition. "American Photo", September/October 1997, page: 76

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