29 December 2009

Young Musicians-Found Negative


This is a really beautiful negative that i found yesterday in the bottom of a box... I don't have the ability to scan anything above 35mm, so i scanned this as reflective, then reversed it in Graphic Converter- tinkering with the levels and contrast, it turned out passable so I could share it. I can't tell you how much I love this photograph.

found/photographer unknown.
2.25" X 3.5" negative
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opla plaza said...

truly excellent, touching negative.

and sorry to see you go from Tumblr. I was enjoying the Gemma collection.

opla plaza said...

But you have a couple of them here too. Cheers, alex

Hillbilly said...

Oh Alex, thank you. It just had to be done.
You can view the entire Gemma set on flickr. It's the primary image site. There is a link in the sidebar. That's really a more reasonable place for posting the vintage stuff, and actually everything that i have is there as opposed to tumblr where i didn't post every single picture.

I do believe you are following what is now my primary tumblr, where i have just a small # of people that i follow. (upthecountry). If i'm not following you there, I'll fix it today.

Thanks for your comments and support.



opla plaza said...

i thought upthecountry sounded like you. Thanks for keeping me literate, as i tend to just want to look at the pictures. I need something smart and thoughtful too. thanks,a.

Michelle said...

Lovely, what a nice surprise revealed.

Hillbilly said...

it is, thank you Michelle. It was a really neat experience to find this.

Hillbilly said...

Alex; You can see more of Gemma that i have posted, (over 100 now) on my flickr, HERE


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