10 December 2009


There is EVIL in this house.

I can feel it.
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Julie Schuler said...

Did you name her yet?

Hillbilly said...

not yet, Julie. I'm just letting her get settled a bit. She is still just trying to get comfortable and over her skin allergy and the vet trip. I think once she gets a little more comfortable, and her personality stabilizes, it'll be more clear.

I think she's had a pretty hard life so far, so she has a lot of issues. The name will come naturally I think! :)

Thanks for looking in on her.

Hillbilly said...

ANd you know that I'm just kidding with my post, right? :)

Julie Schuler said...

I am a sucker for cats. It's so good you are taking care of her. I have this ginger tabby, very fat, I've been feeding him all summer, but my husband won't let me let him in the house. I made him a little house with a styrofoam box, and put blankets inside. I feel bad for him, though, because it is below freezing here all day. Still, we already have a cat that is fixed and declawed, and we couldn't just set this big feral orange cat loose on him! Plus, if we have to move, it will be easier to find an apartment with less pets. Maybe if Citibank agrees to renegotiate our mortgage, I will celebrate by taking my feral cat to the vet.

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