03 September 2010

Jim Linderman, ::Figure Photography Magazine interview.

“I always collected something, but increasingly as I age I realize I wasn’t making collections as much as I was assembling. I was always putting similar things together, in groups…to get a better understanding of them rather than a collection of things. Even then, my schemes how to acquire things and then comprehend them were more important than the physical objects themselves. I wanted to learn, and found learning easier when I had put together a group of objects on one place, but the process was most important. I guess ownership was less important than the steps required in selecting things to look for. I’ve never had much money, and always had to scrimp and suffer for things I obtained. Even early on, that shaped my eye.”

Jim Linderman, ::Figure Photography Magazine interview.

Perfectly put, and a great interview with a legend.
Jim Linderman, ::Figure Photography Magazine interview.SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend


Christine H. said...

Some people are so lazy that they leave a comment rather than sending a real email. That's me today. I just want to make sure you take a look at the latest Louisville post.

*hbxx* said...

You got me!

It certainly wasn't meant to be snarky- I should have qualified my opinion. :)


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