11 August 2008

"The Voice Of Our Best Bad Thoughts"

Isaac Hayes died yesterday near Memphis, Tn. He was 65.

I know this sounds pretentious. I was really young, but white dudes really didn't have much going on in the way of hero qualities at the time. AM radio was an incredible thing back then, and I left mine on ALL night long for years. I was too young when Dylan first came along, so I didn't get my head around him until I was older. Just bad timing. Soul, Funk, and R&B was the rule of the day on the little clock radio. The other area in my head was occupied by the Woody, Hank, and all of the other country, bluegrass, and classical records that my father kept bringing home. My sis started turning me on to great stuff a little later when she started buying vinyl in earnest. OMG, then came 8-Tracks...
Read about Isaac, at Time.com

Oh Lord, I just found this:
via: Third Phaze.com I'm hustling off to listen to the Sammy Davis Jr. version

01. Ray Conniff - Theme From Shaft
02. Hollyridge Strings - Theme From Shaft
03. Decimo - Theme From Shaft
04. Alan Hawkshaw & His Orchestra - Theme From Shaft
05. Joe Bataan - Theme From Shaft
06. Prophets Of Soul - Theme From Shaft
07. Sammy Davis Jr - John Shaft
08. Eddy And The Soul Band - Theme From Shaft
09. Birds N Brass - Theme From Shaft
10. The Chosen Few - Shaft
11. Bernard Purdie - Theme From Shaft
12. Isaac Hayes - Shaft II
13. Jimmy Mcgriff - The Theme From Shaft
14. Maynard Ferguson - Theme From Shaft
15. The Ventures - Theme From Shaft

Get it: here.
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