23 April 2008

Vanishing Farms

vanishingfarm640 I like farms. I have never lived or worked on one, but that’s just because my life didn’t take me in that direction, not because I didn’t like them. I was up in Indiana, in what used to be a rural area, and saw this scene. I had to stop the car and shoot it: a beautiful old farm sliced up and sold off to build more suburban sprawl. While food prices double and triple, our destruction of farms keeps pace. I know people need a place to live, but we also need food and fresh air.

America seems to be very short-sighted right now. We kill off our farms and ship our jobs overseas so that we can buy cheap crap at Wal-Mart. Where do you think that takes us? It isn’t to greater prosperity and security; I can tell you that. If I had a bunch of money, I would be buying farm land and I wouldn’t be dividing it up for subdivisions and strip malls. I have yet to see a strip mall I couldn’t live without.

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